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At Purple VR we offer three types of 360° virtual tour.
Let us explore these in a little more depth, but remember you could have all three.

Google Street View

These tours are a series of connected 360° photospheres typically spaced one metre apart (three metres outside) that are visible on Google Maps and Google Earth (platform dependent). They can easily be embedded into your company website.

Each Street View tour photo will appear in your Google Business Listing, so clients searching for your business using Google will see them and have the opportunity to make a virtual visit before they step inside for real.

Remember, the more photos associated with your Google Business Listing, and the more frequently these photos are updated, the more likely your business will be shown as a search result.

Google Street View example,
The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, Boveney.

  • Visible on Google Earth, Google Maps, and with Google Street View app.
  • Improves your Google Business listing.
  • Images are stored by Google, i.e. free hosting.
  • Google Street View tours can take a few weeks to propagate.
  • Limited space for extra text information.
  • Unable to add extra photographic or video content.
  • Google Cardboard compatible only on Android smartphones (with Street View app and enabled gyro).
  • No option for 3D.

Bespoke Virtual Tours

A Bespoke virtual tour allows for greater flexibility. To start with you don't need to have each 360° photospheres one metre apart, though line of sight does make for a better experience.

Addition text can be added to provide the visitor with additional information about the location.

Additional "hotspots" can be added to contain information about your venue or products. These hotspots can include text and photographs.

On larger site tours, you have the option of seeing your virtual position of a map.

They can be hosted and embedded into your website.

Bespoke VR Tour
Bespoke virtual tour example.

  • Cover a larger area with less 360° photospheres.
  • No reliance on Google Street View propagation times.
  • Can be branded to match your website scheme.
  • Can include extra content; text, photos, etc.
  • Can be shot for 3D viewing using either a cardboard compatible headset or red and cyan glasses.
  • Is not seen on Google Business listing, Google Maps, etc.. But we can upload key locations to Street View to cover you that way.

Video Virtual Tours

The first two options allow the visitor to interact more freely with the tour, they go at their own pace to each scene in the tour as they wish.

A Video Virtual Tour allow you to take control of their visit. You walk them through and show them the points of interest, talking to them as you go, just as you would in real life.

The video is filmed in amazing 360°, the camera is completely invisible. And just as in real life, whilst your visitors walk with you, they can have a look around your venue, restaurant, store, or at you. Their choice.


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